Do you need to manage processes & data whilst maintaining accuracy, timeliness and efficiency
Do you need advantage over your competitors?

Are you subject to legal or mandatory requirements for information management?
Are your processes subject to audits eg. ISO, UKAS, Sarbanes-Oxley etc?
Has your Information System been installed for a while and now you do things differently?
Or maybe you can't find "off the shelf" software and you need something built from scratch?
At SmartData, we have the "Know How" to help, we develop software for organisations large and small in the public and private sectors.


Many organisations have 'gaps' in their information systems. These may arise from new areas of business or simply from the gradual change of needs over time. These gaps are usually responsible for inefficiencies, can become a source of errors and ultimately result in lost opportunities and other major problems.
Up until now, the solution was to either buy packaged, off-the-shelf software and hope it fitted in neatly or else write it yourself in house. This is fine for some gaps, but what if the gap can't be addressed in this way? That's where we come in.


Where gaps are large and the information systems are largely inadequate we design and develop end to end information systems, and have done so for a number of clients in the Public and Private sectors.
Alternatively where gaps are small and other IT systems are largely adequate, we are able to fill gaps with our Digital Polyfiller.
Of course, we don't actually make a flexible DIY product that you use on walls or wood, we produce a Digital Version!
We develop software that does, however, work in the same way :-
It covers gaps totally.
It bonds seamlessly and is very robust.
It is flexible and capable of moving as the structure it is bonded to moves.
Once it is bedded in, it becomes part of the whole.
To learn more about organisations who use SmartData Software, see our Client testimonials.